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Answers to frequently asked questions from the Zenon community


Has there been a private sale?
No - ZNN was distributed through a lockdrop to those who staked BTC and ran a node for a year or longer. The BTC was returned.
What is the initial circulating supply?
Total supply of ZNN after 1 year is 8 052 917. Zenon is inflationary with an issuance rate of 2% per annum.
What is NoM 0 ?
NoM 0 stands for Network Of Momentum - Phase 0, the Alphanet stage. It will last approximately 1 year.
Is there an explorer for the NoM?
There are two explorers for the Alphanet, linked here.
What is a Momentum?
A Momentum is similar to a block in a regular blockchain, but it comprises information from both the DAG layer and the Block Lattice layer. This published package of information from the two layers of the NoM is called a Momentum and like a block in the Bitcoin chain, it is tamper-proof and irreversible once published.
Is Zenon Network really Fee-less?
Yes. You do however need to fuse QSR to the transaction address to drive zero-fee transactions. That QSR can be un-fused at any time with no loss of QSR.
How can I support the Network?
Investing in Pillars and Sentinels as validators of the Network of Momentum is an option. Incentivisation to build on the Newotrk of Momentum are in place through the HyperDrive and Accelerator Z programs. More info here.
What are some good sources of information to familiarise myself with the project?
This decentralised wiki aims to become the central repository for learning about the Zenon ecosystem and then learning how to build and develop in that ecosystem. All other Official and Community articles on ZENON are linked here.
Will Zenon bridge with chains like Fantom, ETH or AVAX, similar to the current BSC Bridge?
All EVM chains are compatible with the Zenon Bridge implementation and align with Zenon’s aim to be fully cross-compatible.
What is the program language for the NoM? Will it be the same for both coins and the token?
The code is written in Go, and SDKs will be provided for the most popular programming languages. The ZENON Github for the Alphanet is here.


Where can I download a wallet?
Wallet downloads are linked on the official website here.
In which wallets can I store ZNN?
ZNN can be stored in the Syrius Wallet. Wrapped ZNN can be stored in any Web.3 wallet like Metamask or on a cold wallet.
Is there a mobile wallet for Zenon?
Not as yet. The Community developed CANO mobile wallet is in test phase. Zenon Network will also release a mobile wallet.
Can I store ZNN in a hardware wallet?
ZNN is a new protocol and as such is not yet supported in hardware wallets. You can however store wZNN in a hardware wallet.
My wallet keeps disconnecting, why?
The RPC node your Syrius wallet is connected to is congested. Ensure you are using the latest version of Syrius with the embedded node selected and active. More info here.
I have no Plasma for transactions, what now?
You can do slow transactions using PoW; your computer will do some work to get the transaction through. (You will hear the fans spinning up )
There are ways to get free Plasma for the short term. More on that here.
How do I swap my Legacy ZNN to the Alphanet and Syrius?
The Swap to Alphanet page has all that information.

Feeless transacting

How do I get Plasma for sending fee-less transactions?
You need at least 10 QSR to generate Plasma. 120 QSR gives full Plasma power. 50 QSR is recommended for the Legacy swap from the old network to the new. Fuse the QSR in the Plasma tab of the Syrius wallet. The QSR can be unfused at any time with no loss.
There are ways to get free Plasma for the short term. Info here.

Staking & Delegating

What is the difference between staking and delegating?
In delegating you add ZNN voting weight to a Pillar and receive rewards in ZNN. You can undelegate at any time.
In staking you stake ZNN for QSR, your ZNN are locked for a minimum of 1 month and you can claim your QSR daily. More info here.
How do I delegate to a Pillar and receive rewards in Syrius?
You do that within the Pillars tab of the Syrius wallet. More info here.
What returns can I expect?
Delegating to a Pillar has an APY of up to 52% , Staking ZNN for QSR has an APY of up to 76%. These figures are dependent on fluctuating conditions. Figures shown are from the Zenon.Network page.
Also check the community ZENON Tools page for more info on returns.
I received Quasar QSR, what can I do with it?
It will be possible to swap QSR for ZNN within the Syrius Wallet soon.
QSR is used to generate Plasma for zero fee transactions and is required as 50% of the investment into setting up Pillars and Sentinels as validators on the NoM.

wZNN ( wrapped ZNN )

What is wZNN?
The Zenon team created the option to buy and trade a version of ZNN on Pancakeswap on the Binance Smart Chain ( wZNN on BSC ) using a Web.3 wallet like Metamask. wZNN will remain as a cross-chain version of ZNN and have price parity.
Can I store wZNN in Metamask?
Yes. wZNN is a BSC token that can be stored in any compatible Web.3 wallet.
Can I store wZNN in a hardware wallet?
Yes, wZNN is a BSC token and as such can be stored in a Ledger or Trezor wallet.
What is the wZNN contract address on Binance Smart Chain?
Token contract address: 0x84b174628911896a3b87fa6980d05dbc2ee74836
What is the contract address for the wZNN BNB liquidity pool on Pancakeswap?
Liquidity Pool contract address: 0xE6B03fCB16dAf3462DdfB8B0AFb3F0E87d38d884
How do I add liquidity to the wZNN / BNB trading pair on Pancakeswap?
Rufus has created a step-by-step to guide you.
Can I swap my ZNN for wZNN?
A two-way bridge is available between Syrius and BSC. More info here.
Can I stake wZNN that I bought on Pancakeswap?
No - wZNN cannot be staked. Passive income can be earned by adding liquidity to the Pancakeswap pool and receiving rewards in your Syrius Wallet.
Is wZNN part of the total supply of ZNN?
Yes - wZNN is created by burning ZNN at the bridge, it does not dilute the total supply of ZNN.
Why can I not see the wZNN in my Web.3 wallet?
Make sure you have the correct contract address. In your Web.3 wallet under BSC add the token address 0x84b174628911896a3b87fa6980d05dbc2ee74836.
Why is there a bridge to Binance Smart Chain versus other chains?
BSC was initially chosen to be used for a one-way bridge because of EVM compatibility and low fees, facilitating ease of transfer for buyers and sellers.

Legacy ZNN

Can I keep the Legacy ZNN in my Legacy Wallet after the new network has launched?
Legacy ZNN are safe in the Legacy Wallet but need to be swapped over to the NoM. Penalties for late swap are incurred 3 months after Alphanet launch.
I left my ZNN on an exchange, what will happen to them?
It is entirely up to the Exchanges to honour your purchase of Legacy ZNN and swap them out for NoM ZNN.
Must I do something to swap to the new Network?
Yes - you will have to swap the Legacy ZNN over to your Syrius Wallet yourself. More info here.
I have more questions - who can I ask?
You can browse the More Information section and you can join the Telegram Groups and learn from others in the Community.
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