Liquidity Providers


1,800,000 QSR has been allocated as rewards for those providing liquidity to the wZNN/BNB pool on Binance Smart Chain. (Distribution Address, Reserve Address)
Depending on the number of BNB in the pool, a multiplier is determined.
Under 2000 BNB, there is a 1x multiplier. A 2x multiplier starts at 2000 BNB. A 3x multiplier starts at 3000 BNB. This multiplier continues to increase linearly with each 1000 BNB in the pool all the way up to 10x when there is at least 10,000 BNB in the pool.
Distribution occurs daily until all 1,800,000 QSR has been deployed.
The multiplier sets how much QSR is distributed each day. At a 1x multiplier, 1,800 QSR is distributed daily. At 2x, 3,600 is distributed each day, and so on.
Your daily time-weighted share of the Liqudity pool determines your share of the daily distribution.

Orbital Program

In order to create a more prosperous and inclusive environment for both the network and its participants, we’re introducing Orbital Program: protocol level liquidity. This will incentivize current and new participants to provide cross-chain liquidity with dual-rewards. This new incentivization mechanism is designed to keep a fair distribution depending on the value added into the network. The Protocol Level Liquidity Program implies that a fraction of all network rewards will be collected and further on can be redistributed by an embedded smart contract in a trustless and censorship-resistant way. Initially, this fraction will be set at 15% ZNN & 25% QSR of the total dual-coin emission and the chains with the corresponding liquidity pools will be decided by the Pillars.
Currently Orbital is funding Hyperspace and not distributing rewards for Liquidity Providers
Orbital Program — Protocol Level Liquidity
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Orbital Program