What is Zenon Network?
A self-evolving planetary-scale super-organism creating the digital ecosystem of the future
Independent and passion driven, Zenon’s purpose is to redefine the status quo of dApps platforms by letting it thrive to an ecosystem of itself, built by a passionate community of developers who are establishing the Network of Momentum as the substratum of a new decentralized Internet.

Key Features

Zenon, the Network of Momentum, presents an ambitious and fundamentally disruptive protocol:
  • True decentralization achieved through fair launch, anonymous devs, and by decoupling coinbase incentives from governance
  • Disinflationary reward mechanisms and non-custodial yield for all network participants
  • Hybrid PoW & PoS that complements, not competes with, Bitcoin
  • Focus on trust-less interoperability that brings value to other networks
  • Dual Ledger mechanism of block-lattice confirmed by meta-ledger for decoupled scalability
  • Dual Coin economy powered by two native currencies: ZNN and QSR
  • Feeless transaction paradigm shift powered by Plasma, generated through QSR acting as tokenized network throughput
  • Tokenization through protocol level native ZTS (Zenon Token Standard)
  • DAO of DAOs with on-chain voting for community-driven governance and Accelerator-Z venture funding
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Alphanet is live

What is Zenon Wiki?

Zenon Wiki is a resource for Zenon Network for and by the community.
We are comprised of individuals all over the world, known mostly only by usernames, driven by a mission of providing open and community centric knowledge about Zenon Network and the boundless possibilities of how cryptocurrencies and decentralized networks can create a better future.
Welcome. We hope you find this site useful.
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Key Features
What is Zenon Wiki?